Mr Araz B. Massraf

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon MBCHB, FRCSI, FRCS (Orth & Trauma)

Short Bio

Mr Araz MASSRAF qualified in 1988 He had High Specialist Orthopaedic Training in Glasgow. He is full time Orthopaedic Consultant in Peterborough, UK.

His main interests are: Hip & Knee surgeries, Hip impingement decompression and labral repair, Birmingham hip resurfacing, Hip & Knee Keyhole surgeries, Hip & Knee revision arthroplasty.


Mr Massraf believes that communication between himself and the patient is essential, particularly with increasing media hype regarding new technologies, surgical techniques and implant designs. All of his patients are counselled and informed about the risks and benefits of any surgical procedure and he provides illustrations and information packages for those patients undergoing joint replacement surgery.

Mr Massraf and his medical and para medical colleagues are certain that patients recover more swiftly from their joint replacement surgery if things are explained to them in advance and had a good rehabilitation.


Mrs Elizabeth Crowson
Tel 07870 478988
Fax 01778 423476

Consulting Rooms:
Fitzwilliam Hospital
Milton Way
South Bretton
Booking: 01733 261717


Hip Impingement is a condition of too much friction in the hip joint creating damage to the articular cartilage or the labrum or both.


Patient will feels pain in the hip joint in certain movements, painful clicks, and occasional locking joint and gives away. It Usually occurs in the athletic type persons.


Every patient should have MRI arthrogram (Injecting a dye into the hip joint and taking MRI pictures) to establish the diagnosis. Once the condition confirmed every patient needs surgical correction if they are symptomatic. This includes hip decompression and cartilage labral repair.
Every patient will get intensive physiotherapy which will be in four stages, each stage is 6 weeks long, in order to rehabilitate the hip joint.

The Procedures:

Labral repair

Hip decompression

Common type

Neck impingement

Acetabulum type

Text book pictures

During one of my operations

Same patient x-ray


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